• Image of UAD VOCAL SAUCE

Our UAD Vocal Sauce is our warmest and most powerful vocal chain preset that simplifies the power of an entire mixing template into a simple 8-knob user interface that is compatible with all DAWs. UAD Vocal Sauce is made of the best vocal plugins harvested from UAD catalog, but if you only use the stock plugins, you can use the included 2nd preset made of 100% stock UAD plugins only. This preset also includes a preset for the UAD Console App to sauce up your headphone mix while you record!

You must own the following UAD products to use this preset:
1 Universal Audio Apollo or Satellite hardware with 4 or more cores of UAD DSP. (2 cores will suffice if you use the logic or pro tools sessions and incorporate track freezing into your workflow)

UAD Plugins needed for UAD Vocal Sauce
Cambridge EQ
EMT 250 Plate Reverb
Pultec EQP1A
Manley VoxBox
1176 Rev A
LA-2A Silver
Korg SDD 3000
Cooper Time Cube

UAD Plugins needed for UAD Vocal Sauce Stock
Precision Channel
Pultec EQP1A Legacy
1176 LN Legacy
LA-2A Legacy
RealVerb Pro
Precision Delay Mod
Precision Reflection Engine
Raw Distortion

Compatible With:
Ableton 10
FL Studio 20
Logic Pro X
Pro Tools 2019.5
BlueCat's Patchwork